Social Media Tips For Print Companies

July 11th, 2020

Social Media is an extremely important form of marketing and sales generation in many industries, but it is especially potent in the print industry. If used properly, social media can be a huge boost to sales and brand recognition.

However, in today’s business world social media’s power is no secret and every business is aware of it. This has led to businesses in the print industry to jockey for position and recognition on various social media platforms. It is hard to stand out from the crowd when you have so many competitors, so you need to be sure that your social media campaign is solid and works well.

What makes a solid social media campaign, and how can you use social media to stand out from the crowd and generate leads? Here are some foolproof social media tips that print companies can employ.

Understand Your Consumer Base

One of the biggest mistakes that plagues bad social media campaigns is the disconnect between what consumers want and what a business thinks the consumer wants.

The main purpose of a social media campaign is to post what the consumer wants to see on platforms they use. If you lack understanding when it comes to your consumer base, then you may end up posting content that they are not interested in or using social media platforms that they do not use. Content that your target market finds uninteresting will hardly generate you any leads, and posting on platforms that they don’t use will do you no good. This can lead to a lot of wasted time and effort, and a nonexistent social media presence can make it near impossible for your business to expand.

If you do the proper research, you can properly understand what your consumer base is looking for on social media and what platforms they are using. This will allow you to tailor your content to what your customers want to see and allow you to maximize lead generation.

Engage Customers

The most important aspect of social media is the ability to easily engage in two-way communication with your customers. Social media gives you a channel to easily communicate with customers while they can easily respond back and provide feedback. You can then take this feedback and implement it into your social media campaigns. In addition, having dialogue with your customers can allow you to build personal relationships that lead to brand loyalty.

There is also a variety of other ways that you can engage your customers on social media. For example, you could create special social media events such as giveaways. Customers would have to follow your business on that particular social media site and then interact with your post in order to be entered in the giveaway. The interactions could require certain actions such as retweeting, liking, or commenting on the post. These giveaways can include free samples of your print, discounts, or some limited edition offer. Special events can be a great way to generate interest in your brand and its products. The giveaways can also be a great way to increase your social media reach due to the large amounts of engagements and interactions your post will receive.

Regardless of how you do it, just make sure that you are engaging your customers often so you can form personal connections with them.

Don’t Overdo It

One thing that can absolutely kill a brand’s social media presence is excessive social media posting. No one wants to have their news feed or timeline constantly flooded by one brand’s posts. Not only is this extremely annoying, but the consumer could become so used to seeing your posts that they turn a blind eye and merely pass over them. If this becomes the case, then customers will simply disengage from your brand’s social media presence, and you will have lost a potential lead.

This doesn’t mean you should never post on your social media sites at all. Hardly posting on social media could cause consumers to lose interest in your brand or even forget about it entirely. You need to find a happy medium between overdoing it and fading into obscurity. This happy medium is typically only posting once or twice per day. Most social media sites even allow you to plan and schedule when your content is released well ahead of time. For example, if you’re using Twitter, you can compose a tweet and then schedule it to be sent out at a later time. If you want to take it a step further, you can even use the help of web services such as Zapier and explore the world of automated posting.

Automated posting is a great way to streamline your social media campaigns and ensure that your content is being released exactly when you want it. Whether you decide to automate your social media postings or not, just make sure there is adequate spacing between your posts so you don’t overwhelm your customers.

Show Results 

Actions speak louder than words, and that is especially true on social media. People love to see results, especially when it comes to print companies that are using business management software to perform well for customers. Try integrating some of your success stories into your social media campaigns. For example, show off some of the more successful work that you did for other companies. Perhaps you created a stellar business card or flyer that was a huge hit and boosted a client’s sales by a large margin. Social media would be the perfect place to show off these successful creations to entice more customers.

When you can show a proven track record, consumers will be much more willing to work with you. Since social media is such a crowded place and everyone is jockeying for attention, you need something that will help you stand out from the crowd and attract attention. What better way to appear unique and reliable than showing off your unique past work and all of its success stories?