5 Ways to Reward Your Best Sign Business Customers

September 28th, 2020

It is well known that it is more cost-effective keeping old customers than attempting to recruit new customers. As a sign business owner, earning customer loyalty is important for the growth of your business.

Earning a customer’s loyalty is not as challenging as some may think it is. If you are offering accommodating customer service, providing quality products and delivering your services on time you are more than halfway there.

Rewarding your best customers is a proven way to get them to remember your business and to make them feel appreciated, which greatly helps with keeping them loyal.

Here are 5 Ways to Reward Your Best Customers of Your Sign Business:

Make them shine! Write a blog about their business, the services you provided them and include links to their website. Tweet about them and share their Facebook posts.

Random Acts of Kindness. Once in a while pay their tax portion of their bill or send them a gift card to their favorite golf course or restaurant.

Host Complimentary Training Sessions. Hosting training sessions with a light lunch or dinner or even a fun event like golf are valuable to both your customer and your business. Your customer becomes more educated and you get that chance to mingle with your customer giving you a chance to build a better business relationship.

Create a Referral Program. Reward your customers for referring you. Offer a one time discount, gift certificate, or cash for each referral that moves forward with your sign business. Be creative.

Offer Surprise Rewards. If you have a landscaping customer, who has bought a fleet of vehicle wraps but never has ordered lawn signs, offer him a small set of lawn signs. If you can’t afford to give away a free set, offer a nice discount to him on his first order of lawn signs.

How to Identify Your Best Customers

There are several ways to identify your best customers. There are some customers that probably come to your mind while reading this article. Those are obvious.

There are those customers that will tweet about you regularly on Twitter or that have written testimonials for you. Some are very friendly and compliment your work regularly.

There are also those customers that spent more on the services and products that you offer than other customers have. In shopVOX you are able to identify these customers on the Customer Details report.

Now that you have identified your best customers, how are you going to reward them. Please share tips with us on how you have rewarded your sign business customers in the past.

Wishing you the most success!

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