Why Does a Company Need Customer Relationship Management?

August 7th, 2020

There are a few things every business needs to be successful. The first is a product or service for which people are willing to pay money. The second thing is a customer base that is willing to pay money for it. And you probably don’t need to be told this, but your customers need to be handled with care.

At shopVOX, we know how important Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is. That’s why our comprehensive business software suite allows entrepreneurs of all kinds to monitor and customize every aspect of their company’s operations, from production scheduling to screen printing workflow to integrated accounting, and of course to CRM.

shopVOX’s CRM toolkit provides powerful yet easy-to-use options for organizing and analyzing customer data, identifying and attracting potential new customers, retaining existing customers, and personalizing the sales process. All of these are essential aspects of running a successful business.

Below, we’ll explain why these things matter and how shopVOX helps make them a cinch.

Organize Your Data

Something that all business owners realize sooner or later is how difficult it can be to keep track of everything. In the beginning, it might seem manageable, but as your business grows—and what is the goal of any business, if not to grow?—it only becomes harder. Email conversations, invoice numbers, shipping information; it’s enough to make your head spin.

With CRM, all your customer data is condensed into one central place, helping you stay organized and making it easy to analyze your processes and learn from them. You’ll always know what’s selling and who’s buying. There’s no point in trying to sell a product to someone who doesn’t want it. shopVOX’s business printing software takes out the guesswork.

Identify New Customers

In many ways, leads are the lifeblood of any successful business. In business, a lead is a person or entity who has the interest and means to purchase your services. In other words, a potential customer. Finding leads can be tricky. Converting leads into sales can be even trickier.

Fortunately, it’s a lot less tricky with shopVOX. Our product helps you to zero in on who you should be marketing to and to customize your ads for maximum effectiveness. Our CRM also aids in keeping records of all your leads. You can manage lists of potential clients you’ve contacted, refer back to prior communications, keep notes about what each conversation entailed, schedule follow-ups, and group leads based on your relationship with them.

Retain Existing Customers

Once you’ve found a customer, the first question you should ask yourself is how to keep that customer. Not just the first time: every time. Retaining existing customers is just as important as identifying new ones, because your current customer base is what provides a foundation for growth. Gaining customers is no good if you’re losing them in equal amounts.

What’s the best way to turn one-time clients into loyal repeats? Nothing less than stellar customer service. shopVOX’s CRM schedules timely reminders so no client gets forgotten, streamlines communication so no one receives conflicting information, and saves contact information so you can share new offers, discounts, and rewards with past customers.

Personalize the Process

Too often, business management software turns customers into statistics. But customers are more than invoice numbers. They’re people, and they like being treated as such. One size does not fit all. That’s why shopVOX is designed to make personalizing the sales process a snap.

Instead of lumping all your clients together and showing them all the same generic content, our CRM helps you keep track of each and every individual customer, so you know from their purchase histories what their interests are. shopVOX enables you to tailor your advertising to meet your clients’ needs better, ensuring your customers never feel like just faces in the crowd.

Grow Your Business with shopVOX Customer Relationship Management

Running a company is a big responsibility, one that’s made up of countless smaller responsibilities: generating and managing sales leads, personalizing marketing content, organizing customer data, pricing, production, invoicing, and so much more.

That’s why shopVOX exists, to give you a means of bringing every aspect of your business together and see them right at your fingertips. Whether you’re a new company trying to do things right or an established company looking to consolidate and optimize, shopVOX is just the thing you need to stay organized, build customer relationships, and grow your business.

Contact shopVOX today, and let us help you turn first-time buyers into repeat clients!