Automate Your Shop Management Style with Slack

While running a sign shop can be difficult, there are many different tools and resources available today that can help make it easier. Print shop software like shopVOX can improve operations at your shop, but there’s more you can do to automate your shop management style. You can easily use a combination of other software that can make your daily routine more efficient. One platform that many shops regularly use to improve their business’s communication is Slack. Using Slack for messaging your team is extremely common now, but there are more ways to use it to your benefit that you might not realize. 

You can enhance communication at your shop and get more out of using Slack by integrating it with Zapier. Zapier is a third-party tool that you can use with Slack and shopVOX to enhance communication when you’re out of your shop.

At shopVOX, we know how vital tools like Slack are to keep things running smoothly at all types of print and sign shops. Learn more about how you can use Slack to automate your shop management style. 

Get  shopVOX Notifications Wherever You Are 

A lot of people at print and sign shops are in and out of the office every day. Whether people are going to meet with customers, help install a sign, or anything else, spending a lot of your time away from the office is common and unavoidable. When you’re out of the office for a while, you’re bound to miss out on a lot, which is where Slack can come in handy. However, using Slack on its own doesn’t fully make up for all the information you miss when you’re out of the office. While you can get communication from team members, you’re still lacking all the updates you need to be kept in the loop. 

If you’re already utilizing Slack for your shop, you should consider implementing Zapier as well. This can help fill in the gaps when you’re away from the shop and keep you informed and ready to do your job wherever you are. When you get any notifications on shopVOX, it will update you on Slack, so you know what’s going on right away. These notifications would typically go to your email inbox, but many of us don’t check that as frequently as we would check instant messages on Slack. 

Don’t Miss Out on Phone Calls 

You likely spend a lot of your time in the office taking phone calls. Of course, people don’t stop calling you when you’re out of the office. Even if you’re only out of the office for a little while, you can end up missing out on a lot of important phone calls and fall behind on your work. It can be difficult to get caught up if you’ve missed a lot of messages, and sometimes things can get forgotten about unless you deal with it right away. This is another area where Zapier can help. You can integrate VOIP phone systems like Dialpad with Zapier, so you don’t have to worry about missing anything when you’re away from your business phone. Doing this will ensure that phone calls, voice messages, and text messages can reach you from wherever. Even if it’s something you can’t address right away, you still know what’s going on when you’re not there, so you’re always prepared. As a shop owner or manager, you should always know what’s going on, and you don’t have to let being away from the office stop you from being on top of things. 

Stay Up to Date with Your Marketing Channels

Another way that you can use Zapier along with Slack is to monitor your marketing channels. Any sign shop is likely to have several different marketing channels, which can be a lot to keep up with, especially when you aren’t in the office. However, you need to respond to messages timely, no matter where you are or what platform they’re on. To make it easier to know when you have messages from leads and customers, you can have your social media messages sent straight to your Slack with Zapier. You can also use Zapier to know when you get reviews, such as on Google or Yelp, and respond to them quickly. If you have a live chat available on your website, this will also allow you to get those messages on Slack and respond to them when you’re away from the office.

Let shopVOX Help You Run Your Shop

At shopVOX, we’re always looking for ways to help sign shops stay organized and improve their workflow. There are many great tools out there today that can make a big difference in how efficiently your shop runs that you should start utilizing. This can help improve the way you communicate, reduce the number of challenges you face, and make everyone’s jobs a little easier.

Learn more about the features shopVOX offers and how we can help your sign shop.