Getting SaaSy with Your Business

October 16th, 2017

In the past, businesses needed to purchase, construct and maintain data infrastructures despite
high costs. SaaS software, like shopVOX, gives companies an alternative. In today’s age, you
can subscribe to services built on shared infrastructure through the internet; this is called
SaaS Service as a Softwaresoftware as a service (Cloud based computing or SaaS). SaaS has flourished in the past couple
of years since it was first used in the 1960s (Called time sharing system, probably ran on real
horsepower) because of the many advantages and benefits it has to any size business. Here
are just some of the reasons people are using SaaS solutions:

 Mobile is King: Since the majority of people are familiar with the internet and depend on it
to find what they need, SaaS solutions generally have a high adoption rate with a
better learning curve. Also, SaaS apps are available from any device – anywhere or any
time. Statista estimates the world will reach 2.7 Billion Smartphone Users in the next two
years (this doesn’t include tablets, smart watches, or computers)
● Low Startup Costs: SaaS solutions use a subscription business model, as a result you
don’t have to pay for license fees, IT infrastructure like hardware, software, training,
management. It gives more companies access to software that only big businesses could
afford previously. 
● Effortless Upgrades: As a result of SaaS providers managing all your updates, upgrades,
and installs, you as a customer don’t have to spend time downloading or installing
patches, or fixes. When you grow, it’s not your problem because your SaaS provider
adds the hardware, software, or bandwidth as your company grows.
● Easy Integration: SaaS Providers with solid architectures can scale to meet customers’
need to connect to other software platforms, integrations become much easier with APIs
or even Zapier Integrations that allow for DIY integrations with other apps.
● Competitive Landscape: Because customers have a choice between two or more great
products, this helps get you the best price, now and in the long run. It also creates
continual improvement, and makes companies open up to provide value to customers.
● Focus on Growth: One thing that makes SaaS such a huge contributor to company
success is that you can focus on your business while your company offers its solution to
your customers. It makes your system easy so you can do that hard work of building
your business. shopVOX has helped thousands of businesses grow.

The potential of Software as a Service is exciting, since the 1960s SaaS (used to be called time
sharing system) has progressed to what it is today, and it’s dramatically improving what sign makers
apparel shops, embroiderers, and screenprinters can do. shopVOX offers a full service ERP solution,
it’s a shop in a VOX, and it rocks! Click here to learn more