How Can a CRM Benefit My Business?

July 2nd, 2020

The shopVOX software can do a lot for your business, from production management to invoicing. But one of the features we want to highlight in this article is its ability to handle your business’s CRM, or customer relationship management. Obviously, when you are in business to serve your customers’ needs and make people happy, how you handle your interactions with the public is critical.

When we talk about CRM in business, we are speaking more about the technology that does the job than the actual face-to-face client interaction (although that is important, too!). A good CRM system such as shopVOX handles every aspect of growing your business, such as lead management, production, and customer communication.

Let’s dive into some important aspects of CRM and how you can harness this tool with our business management software.

Manage Leads

We all want to grow our businesses’ bottom lines. What is one of the best ways to do that? The answer is: to manage your leads through your CRM. This kind of technology can track leads with whom you have been in touch, group them according to their current status with you, and show you who should be contacted soon based on what has transpired so far. Just check your CRM records to see what you talked about with this or that lead last time. Then, you can determine who to contact next based on how far along you were in the sales process. This should make your business’s sales force much more efficient.

Retain Existing Customers

Just as important as bringing in new leads is keeping the customers you already have. Customers who leave can take a lot of money with them, so it is important to nurture each and every customer relationship. The shopVOX CRM can help you to do just that. You can take advantage of all the customer data organized within your CRM to identify problematic relations and correct them before they get out of hand. The same logic applies to good relationships. Happy customers tend to be repeat customers since they have already done business with you and know your style of working. shopVOX’s business management software is the perfect CRM tool to help you with this.

Learn about Yourself

When you are running an organization in which you truly believe, it might sometimes be difficult to step back and self-evaluate for mistakes and shortcomings. A CRM can help you to do that by collecting data from a range of sources relating to your business. You can look at revenue, which efforts have been doing well or poorly, and what customers are writing about you in online reviews. All of this data together can provide you with valuable insights into your organization and where you can improve. You will be able to bolster up successful endeavors and perhaps take some closer looks into gaps or failings that customers have been noticing. In doing so, you can strengthen your company to become a provider of products or services about which your customers will start raving.

Improve Customer Service

A CRM such as shopVOX can also be enormously useful in helping your business to manage its customer service. Put yourself in the place of a customer who is experiencing a problem with a product or service. Customers expect personalized attention when they call your customer service line. Whoever answers the phone will need to access a record of all of that customer’s interactions with the business, from products ordered to previous customer service calls. The data collected in the CRM will allow your business to service client accounts with maximum effectiveness.

Fine-Tune Your Marketing

The final way a CRM system can benefit your business is by allowing you to perfect your marketing efforts. Just as the CRM’s aggregated data allows you to perform many of the above points, so, too, can the system’s information let you grow your business through smart advertising. You can separate groups of customers based on similar behavior and determine their desires in this way. Then, you can plan out targeted marketing efforts to bring those customers back as repeat buyers or to upsell to them. Marketing would be a colossal waste of time and effort without data to back it. A CRM system such as shopVOX can provide you with all the insights you need to market effectively and ideally boost your revenues like never before.

shopVOX’s Business Management Software Is Your Ideal CRM

Our business management software has been benefiting sign shops and print shops for years by allowing them to tighten up their lead generation, sales, customer service, and marketing. Some businesses have great products or services but struggle to optimize their self-organization efforts. That’s what a strong CRM system from shopVOX can help you to do. See for yourself everything that shopVOX can do for your bottom line by learning more about our product.

Contact us if you have any questions, and we will be happy to assist.