How Screen Printing Has Influenced the Fashion Industry

June 11th, 2020

The fashion industry is complex and has many interesting facets to consider for people looking to master it. Fashion is constantly changing as trends evolve through the seasons and world events. What many considered high fashion a decade ago does not resemble the high fashion that celebrities and artists wear today. Even the style of clothes that everyday people wear has changed in the last few years.

One major element of fashion that has influenced our cultures for more than a thousand years is screen printing. You may not know it, but you probably own at least half a dozen screen-printed shirts right now. Perhaps even your favorite shirt was screen printed. Screen-printing has evolved from a medieval art style into a mainstream form of production that is used in fashion, trophy design, and print screen software.

So, what exactly is screen printing, and how did it become such an important part of art and fashion?

History of Screen Printing

The history of screen printing is long and complex, as it dates back to medieval China. Screen printing first appeared as an art form in China’s Song Dynasty, sometime around 900 AD. This makes screen printing more than 1,100 years old. The medieval Chinese empires used screen printing on their currency to make it easily distinguishable. The art form became popular and began to spread to neighboring regions.

Soon, other Asian countries such as Japan and Korea began adopting screen printing. When contact was finally established between Asia and Europe, screen printing spread to Europeans, as well. European merchants then took silk from the East and combined it with their own screen printing to proliferate screen printing creations all over the world.

Screen Printing Today

Screen printing’s role in society has only grown in the thousand years since its creation. Today, screen printing can be seen just about anywhere you go. If you walk down a crowded street, you are likely to see dozens of people wearing screen-printed shirts. These designs can include sports team logos, school emblems, or just a catchy saying.

Screen printing can also be seen influencing our lives in many other areas. If you have ever attended a protest or political rally, chances are good that you have seen a screen printed sign. Screen printed signs have become a staple at these events since they are a great way for people to express their opinions and ideas. This was popular during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s when protesters called for political and social change using printed signs. Protesters would march through the streets holding these signs and banners, and they eventually made history. You can see many of these signs in historical photographs from the time.

Of course, printed signs are still available today, and with more advanced technology. Sign manufacturing software like the kind ShopVOX has developed can definitely help with this for all the screen printing companies out there that want to do things more efficiently.

Screen Printing in the Fashion Industry

As stated above, screen printing has played a major role in today’s fashion. While screen printed shirts may not be considered “high fashion,” they are cheap to create and purchase, and are thus easily accessible. Screen printed shirts are also flexible, as just about any design can be printed onto a shirt. These designs can range from intricate artwork to small, simple logos. Screen printing can also be used for other products such as hats, mugs, and trophies.

In addition, with today’s advanced technology, screen printing has become faster and cheaper than ever. Advanced screen printing management software can allow for hundreds of screen printed items to be created in a short amount of time. This can be a great way to spread your brand. Since they are so easy to create, you can simply screen print a massive amount of items with your brand logo on them. You can sell these items for a profit, and then have your customer’s fashion sense give you free advertising. If your brand becomes screen printed on various products, then soon your company will be all over the place and easily recognizable. More people will notice your business, and you can attract new customers.

It is not just businesses in the fashion industry that are taking advantage of this tactic. Automakers such as Ford and Chevrolet screen print shirts, for instance, to spread their brand identity, just as your favorite sports teams screen print merchandise to allow you to show your pride. Screen printing has also become extremely popular with small businesses. Since it is so cheap, it is not uncommon for a small business to have shirts and other products screen printed and given to their first loyal customers. These customers will then likely use these products and provide free publicity for the small business. This is a cheap form of advertising and can sometimes be an effective way to establish a new brand or business. Screen printing has changed what we wear, affected our politics and cultures, and added a new tool to our advertising strategies. All of these combine to have a major effect on the fashion industry as a whole. Next time you walk down the street, count how many screen printed items you see, and you will realize screen printing’s true effect on our world.

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