How to Build a Banner and Banner Stand Product

At shopVOX, we know that most print and sign shops provide a wide variety of products to their customers. While this allows you to offer customers exactly what they’re looking for, it also means you have to deal with pricing drastically different products regularly. This can become a big challenge if you don’t have the right system in place, but fortunately, having print shop software can make this process easier for everyone on your team. Using shopVOX can help simplify how you price different products at your shop. We’re always finding new ways to help educate shopVOX users on how they can use our sign shop software to price their products, including banners and banner stands. 

Learn more about how you can use this shopVOX product to start pricing banners and banner stands for your customers. 

Pricing Banners

Like many sign shops, you probably help complete various banners for your customers. This is something most sign shops will likely be creating in-house. Creating your banner in shopVOX is very similar to creating other types of products within shopVOX. This allows you to create detailed descriptions involving your banner and include any information that can affect the cost of the project. Some of this information includes basic details about the banner, such as the size and the material. With this shopVOX product, you can add details about anything related to the product that can affect the price, such as whether or not there’s a rush charge to complete it. 

You can also include other information necessary for your project here. Some of the details you can add for your project includes where you’ll be hanging the sign, what it’s for, and how many grommets it requires. In addition to the banner itself, you can include any additional accessories you’ll need for the project. This includes various materials that could come up when installing a banner, such as suction cups, zip ties, banner loops, and any other common accessories for banners. Of course, the services and fees can vary from shop to shop, so you’re free to make any adjustments and additions to reflect what your shop offers.

Pricing Banner Stands

In addition to banners, you can also use shopVOX to create prices for retractable banner stands. While some shopVOX users might be producing banner stands themselves, this product can help those going through a vendor to produce it. There are plenty of great reasons to outsource some of your work, especially for projects like banner stands, and many shops do this. Since outsourcing is such a common practice, it’s important for shopVOX users to know how to price projects that require a vendor. Pricing a banner stand that you’re working with a vendor to produce is extremely easy when you’re using shopVOX, so this process is simple. 

First, you’ll want to select the type of banner stand from the vendor that you’ll be using. When you do this, you’ll also want to include the vendor’s cost for this material, which you can adjust yourself to match your vendor’s cost. You should get all prices and descriptions for the products you’re getting from your vendor directly from their website. Like pricing your other banners, you’ll also be able to include the cost of any additional materials and accessories you’ll need for this project. Once you’ve included this information, you’re ready to provide a price to your customer. 

In some cases, you might have a customer who only wants to buy additional banner stand accessories, such as a new traveling case for their banner, rather than a whole new banner and accessories. If this happens, and you can get these individual materials from your vendor, you can also create a price for them in this shopVOX product. 

Use shopVOX for Banners and Banner Stands Today

If you have any banner projects coming up, you can make pricing the project more efficient by using shopVOX to help determine an accurate cost for your customers. This product is available to download in shopVOX now, so you’re ready to use it whenever you need it. With shopVOX, you never have to worry about creating prices for customers regardless of what the project is, and you can always be confident you’re giving an accurate price and making a profit for your work. Our banner and  banner stand pricing products are great resources for any sign shop to have, but there are plenty of other amazing ways you can use shopVOX in your shop every day.

Download this product today and learn more about the other features shopVOX has to offer.