How to Get Google Reviews for Your Sign and Print Business

As you know, sign and print shop owners have plenty to worry about. We mention this all the time because it’s true. But there is always just one more thing you need to do to make sure you’re completely on top of things.

In this case, we’re talking about reviews and why they are vital to your print and sign shop’s digital marketing. Reviews come from customers who want to give honest feedback on their experiences with you.

In that case, let’s learn all about reviews!

Why Do Reviews Matter?

In the digital marketing of today, reviews are more important than they’ve ever been. And it isn’t so much about how many reviews you have, but instead how often your customers leave you reviews.

Google looks at reviews and automatically assigns greater importance to those businesses that are getting more on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

The kinds of reviews that matter to Google are those that provide actual feedback on your business and the experience the customer had shopping with you. Quality reviews should mention a company’s employees, staff, customer service, pricing, and more.

When Google sees this, it will tend to reward those businesses that are doing everything right with higher rankings in local search results.

Why are reviews important, then? It’s because they help your business’s organic marketing.

How Do You Get Reviews?

We now come to the most pertinent point here: how do you go about getting reviews? It seems so easy and yet still presents a decent challenge.

The first thing we recommend you do is to set up your email templates inside of your shopVOX print shop software.

When you’re working inside your estimate, design, proofing, or invoice templates, be sure to include a URL to your Google My Business landing page. This isn’t just a link to your listing. It should be the one that takes customers to the page where they can rate and review your business.

By sending this link to your customers throughout the process, you encourage them to leave at least one but maybe even a few reviews of you.

You can also use platforms such as Podium or BirdEye to manage your customer interactions and reviews. Podium in particular is useful because it allows you to see and manage all of your reviews in one location, from Google to Facebook to Yelp and so on. Podium also lets you send automated emails when a job is done so you can ask customers to leave you reviews.

Be mindful of the fact that, just because you ask for reviews doesn’t mean that every one of them will give you five stars. Based on the specific customer experience, you may get a few four-star or three-star reviews.

When you get glowing reviews, be sure to thank customers for their business. But when you get lower reviews, get in touch with those people to see what you could have done better. Essentially, ensure that you always respond to reviews. This will show the public that you care about your business and reputation.

Get Smart Business Cards

The final piece of getting reviews for your sign and print shop is to get yourself some smart business cards from a company such as Mobilo.

Smart business cards are digital cards containing RFID chips that you simply swipe over a smartphone to give customers all of your contact information there on their phones.

The digital card can contain your business’s address, phone numbers, social media accounts, website URL, and more. The card also leads customers to your contact form so you can capture this information and then reach out to them.

Perhaps most importantly, you can also include a link to your Google My Business reviews page to encourage people to leave reviews after working with you. This is a great way to get reviews right from a job site, where you can swipe your chip and ask customers to write a review after completing their work.

Use shopVOX to Get Started with Your Review Campaigns

Marketing is all about digital today. When you want to start ramping up your campaigns to get customer reviews, turn to the email templates in shopVOX, where you can include a link to your Google My Business review page and be on your way.

Online reviews matter these days, and you can’t fall behind. Let shopVOX help you get there.

Request a free trial of shopVOX today!