How You Can Grow Your Sign Shop

Eventually, every business owner has asked themselves how they can grow their business. It’s natural to want to bring in more customers, make more sales, and expand what you’ve already built. However, growing takes a lot of work and isn’t fast or easy. If you want your sign shop to grow at all, you’re going to need to have a solid plan to follow to help you get there. There are a lot of considerations to make when you’re trying to grow your business, and figuring out everything you need to do to achieve your goals can be difficult.  

At shopVOX, we can help you take the next steps towards growing your business. Here are a few pieces of advice we use for growing your sign shop. 

Find the Right Market

Even if you haven’t been in the sign shop business for very long, you probably have a good idea of who your current target market is. Business owners in your community are likely going to be the audience your sign shop appeals to the most. While you can bring in a lot of business by targeting this audience, there will only be so much you can do. This might be enough to bring in a steady amount of business, but there are only so many business owners who require your services every so often. If you want to grow your sign shop, you’re going to have to expand your target audience. 

You might think businesses are the only ones who can benefit from your services, but there are many more markets out there that can use print and signs shops if you look for them. In some cases, this might also mean developing new products and services to help bring in new customers. You might be able to create products that target other markets, such as event planning, that you haven’t worked with in the past but have a demand for products like yours. By expanding your market and the services you have to offer, more people can benefit from your sign shop, which will help you bring in more business. 

Offer New Products 

As we’ve already said, expanding to new markets is an important part of growing your sign shop, and to do that, you’ll likely need to get into different types of products to offer. The more products you can offer, the more people you can appeal to, but coming up with new products to offer to customers can be difficult. There are many different product options sign shops can offer - you just need to figure out what ones are right for your shop. What your shop can do depends on the skills of your employees and the equipment you can access. Of course, if it means bringing in a lot of new business, you might decide it’s worth it to bring in new team members and invest in new equipment to help you grow. A couple of great examples of different categories your sign can consider getting into are vehicle wraps and apparel printing or embroidery. 

Use the Good, Better, Best Method

Getting into new products and markets can help you grow your business, but sometimes, you don’t have to make big changes like this. At shopVOX, we recommend providing your customers with mockups following the good, better, best method for their projects. Using this method gives them a good, better, and best option for their projects that come with different price points. Customers can see what they can get for a smaller budget if they need it, but it also shows what paying a little extra can give them. If customers can see what spending more gets them, they might be more tempted to up their budget for it. Even if they don’t want to spend a lot, this method still gives them an option for a lower budget, which can still help you make the sale. You want your customers to understand what their money is going towards and how it will benefit them so that they can make a choice for themselves. This will take some extra work, but it’s more than worth it if it helps you bring in more sales. 

Invest in Software that Can Help You Grow

If you’re planning to expand your shop, you’re going to need to invest in the right tools. One thing you’ll need to have is the right sign and print shop software. Using shopVOX makes it easy for you to manage your sign shop and all of the projects you have going on as you work towards growing your business.

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