Looking at the Positives During COVID-19

March 28th, 2020

Looking at the positives, a note from Haylee Benton

I’ve had so many customers over the past couple of years, desperate to implement new systems use our shopVOX software to ensure their businesses run better. Despite their enthusiasm, vision, and desperation to implement - things crop up, urgent factory jobs get in the way. I would constantly be chasing my customers “Hey, did you want to meet for our training session this week?” The answer would usually be “Can’t this week, no time - maybe next week.” Unfortunately, the weeks went by until the momentum stopped. I then send emails saying “How are you getting on?” The usual reply again would be something along the lines of “Super busy at the moment, really want to get going with implementation of shopVOX but I don't have the time right now.” They said they have no time...now we have it–in bucket loads.

Whilst Covid-19 has so many negative factors on our society and economy - a lot of positives will come out of this. Such as taking your work for granted, being able to pop down to the local shop, greeting a client with a handshake. But one thing we should take from this is the opportunity to spend time on improving our businesses.

If you are using ShopVOX daily but are only using the basic features, maybe now is the time to try and test out those advanced areas you have been thinking about.

Is this the ideal time to re-look at your pricing? To re-develop your workflows? To restructure and streamline your business processes? You may be working from home and thinking this is the perfect time to start improving these parts of your business - it is an ideal situation.

We all must seize this opportunity we have been forced into, and we are all in it together. We all have had the dreams of “If I just had more time, I could...” – now we can. Set yourself a goal each week to implement or learn one thing new on shopVOX. You will thank yourself when this is all over and our lives can get back to normality.

All those aspirations you had when you first looked at shopVOX - NOW is the time to implement. Our team is here and ready to help take you to the next level. We can help you prepare to open back up your doors, stronger and more organized than you could have ever imagined.

We are offering free coaching sessions and shopVOX development sessions to ensure your business rides out this storm. Maybe you aren’t aware, but the shopVOX coaches all have high level business, operational backgrounds in different industries. We are here to help, even if it is just to talk through your concerns or bounce ideas around as to how to help make your company more organized using shopVOX.

We know it’s a tough road ahead for us all, but we at shopVOX have your back. We are looking forward to talking to you soon - please reach out so we can get through this, together.

Haylee Benton
International Business Development/Coach for shopVOX.

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