5 Sales Techniques that are Effective during COVID-19

September 8th, 2020

COVID-19 has impacted every business in some way, especially when it comes to sales. The tricks and tips you used for years before with major success may now be irrelevant or seem too pushy. This is causing some business owners to be fearful about the future of their business. If this sounds like you, learn some COVID-friendly sales techniques to make it through this uncertain time.  Take a look below for techniques that prioritize compassion and respect, while still earning you the sale you need.

  1. Forget what worked yesterday: This may not be ideal when you have spent a lot of time and effort understanding sales and analytics, but it’s critical. The world is very entirely different from what it was before January 2020. You need to be ready to adjust quickly and positively to it so that you can continue giving your customer what they need.  Forget the past and learn from today’s data like it’s a brand new world — which it is.

  2. Prioritize helping your customer however you can: You may be nervous, and so are your customers. Make it clear in any and all sales content that you are there to help. If it means giving them discounts on hot-ticket items, do it. If it means waving shipping or delivery, that’s another helping hand.  Maybe it’s coupons or deferred payments. Whatever you can do, do it. Your customer will notice and it will go a long way to swing your business through this tough time. 

  3. Stay kind and considerate, always: Even if customers start hassling or pushing you to give unfair discounts or even just badger you with aggressive behavior, remember to stay kind. Again, many are scared or nervous now and they’re looking for someone to take it out on. The best way to earn yourself a sale and respect (and keep others coming to you) is to always be considerate — even if they don’t deserve it. 

  4. Listen to the buyer: Your buyers are going to dictate your sales future now more than ever. Is free shipping giving you conversions?  Or, are the discounts more popular in the analytics?  Are they happy with your contact-free services (where applicable)?  As your buyer tells you what is working and what isn’t, use that to learn and better yourself for this mid-pandemic selling streak.

  5. Use the extra time to prep for a post-COVID-19 future: No matter what comes in the next several months or even the next year, COVID-19 will be a part of it. From sales techniques to budget predictions to stock, you can use this time to prepare your sales pitches and techniques to better you in the future.

The more you change now, the more you’ll be able to enjoy a future where your business survives COVID-19 intact and also a whole lot stronger. While the rules may have changed in sales techniques, the end goal has not. 

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