How Does CRM Software Work?

August 21st, 2020

Every business has to operate on multiple levels to succeed. There’s the public face of the business, where the owner and employees interact directly with the public to sell products and services that meet people’s needs. Another level is strictly internal, in which the owners manage the organization itself by stocking inventory, paying salaries and other expenses, and up-keeping any physical properties of the business.

Then there is the level in between, where business owners have to manage their relationships with customers using their own internal tracking systems. This is where any business owner could benefit from business management software such as the shopVOX product.

Our CRM software allows you to perform all the key tasks you need to keep tabs on where you are with customer relationships. Sales leads, quotes, pricing, inventory, invoicing, vendor management, and more are all packed neatly into our product for your convenience.

How does it all work? Let us explain.

CRM Software Tracks Interactions

A quality CRM software system will be able to do a lot, but at its core, the purpose of the system is to track all interactions that your business’s sales team has with existing and potential customers. This digitized service is useful to have because, without it, sales efforts could tend to become disjointed and ineffective. shopVOX keeps everything your salespeople need in one place, including records of phone calls and emails, calendar reminders, alerts to follow up with certain leads, and even efficiency tracking, where you can see how certain sales endeavors have succeeded in bringing in new business.

CRM Software Manages Leads

The previous point discussed a general overview of what CRM software does. But such tools also get quite granular. For instance, shopVOX can manage the details of all new sales leads. What does that mean exactly? Perhaps an online user completes a contact form indicating he or she is interested in an electrical job. Your business takes the lead’s contact information and makes a call. On the phone, the customer describes the job, names the budget, gives the address, and leaves a more convenient phone number. After a time, you call the customer back to check up on the potential job, and the customer expresses the desire to move forward with it.

The record of these interactions can be entered into the CRM software so salespeople can track the lead. It will obviously be noted if the lead becomes a sale. On the other hand, if the lead falls out of your business’s pursuit because of a change of mind, you can note this, but then the lead will no longer be as important in the sales funnel.

CRM Software Can Handle Marketing

We just mentioned that a lead who was once important in your CRM software can fall out of the cycle. However, all is not necessarily lost here, because a good customer relationship management software will also be able to handle your remarketing efforts for you. You can schedule marketing emails, social media posts, or any other type of sales material that you want your leads to have to bring them further into the fold or to attempt to gather up old leads whose minds can still be changed.

CRM Software Tracks Business Data

While you are working hard on leads and sales, you will also need to continue operating on your internal business to ensure you are ready for anything. shopVOX CRM software allows you to track your business intelligence so you can instantly access information relating to unpaid invoices, inventory, cash flow, your customer feedback requests, and the commissions you pay to your sales force. This short list alone could be difficult to manage if you were doing it all manually as in the old days of business. shopVOX gathers it all in one interface.

CRM Software Tracks Vendors

As effectively as the shopVOX CRM software is at managing your business’s interactions with customers and your internal affairs, it can also track your transactions with third-party vendors. As a business, your suppliers are just as important to you as your customers. A break or miscommunication in the supply chain can cause serious problems down the line. That’s why our product lets you track your third-party vendor purchase orders, attach the vendors’ prices to those items so you can recall your recurring costs at a glance, and rank the vendors with whom you work so you know which are best for your business’s needs and expenses.

Make shopVOX Your Business’s CRM Software

When it comes to running a business, there’s nothing like human ingenuity and determination to move things forward for your brand. At the same time, the fact that we’re human means we are liable to forget a thing or two.

That’s where shopVOX can help. Our CRM software helps you manage your business’s day-to-day tasks and financial standings so you can get back to focusing on your customers. Learn more about our pricing, and then be sure to contact us today to learn more about how shopVOX’s CRM software can help your business.